Fear Vs Phobia


A phobia is any excessive or unreasonable fear reaction which is linked to an object, place or situation. Phobias are extremely common. They develop usually after an incident in which our subconscious wrongly links fear to an object, place or situation.

There are many ways a phobia can be created and some start without any apparent or discernible cause. One way a phobia can begin is what I call the ‘startle response’. To use the fear of a spider as an example. If there is a sudden or unexpected movement most people will start or jump as the body and mind focuses towards the new stimulus. Even those unafraid and comfortable around spiders might jump if a spider startled them, it’s a normal human response. However most people would then normally dismiss their reaction with the thought “oh it’s only a spider, it can’t do me any harm” and they would forget about it.

But sometimes if a person is preoccupied before the event perhaps particularly stressed by a totally unrelated issue to a spider like work or life in general, and then were startled by a spider a phobia could be born.

Then the stress you already had overflows into a startled response and in your mind the spider becomes associated with feelings of panic. When in fact you were already stressed before you saw whatever it is you have a phobia about. Then you may find that your subconscious mind wrongly links the object, or place. It’s a kind of inbuilt self preservation instinct if your subconscious believes there to be harm associated with an object it tries to steer you clear by fostering a fear or apprehension.

It is an associated link again. Like a song you once heard automatically reminds you of a feeling in a situation from the past because you have made an associated link.

The human mind works by association, when we experience two things together for a little while, one will automatically remind us of the other in the future. Hypnosis can replace that negative association with a more positive feeling.

With the help of hypnosis you will begin to relax around the idea of the trigger for a phobic reaction. The only reason you think you have a fear or phobia is because you remember what happened the last time you saw the object, a place or situation due to the association that you created. But after hypnosis and a reframing of past and present feelings around that incident that should never happen again.

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