Algorithm used to set vaccine priority order missed key vulnerable groups –

Although multiple datasets were used to create vaccination strategy, QCovid and another dataset called OpenSAFELY were the main resources used to inform JCVI’s advice to government, according to Brown. 

The datasets found that a 70-year-old is 100 times more likely to die than somebody under the age of 39.

“Now, that means that if you have an underlying health condition that increases your risk of Covid and you’re 25, it has to be approaching an increased risk of 100 fold to overcome the protective effects of age,” said Mr Brown

According to the scientist, people with rare illnesses who are particularly at risk can access an early vaccine under exceptional circumstances. The Department of Health and Social Care did not reply to a request for comment. 

“One very important concept here is that everyone in this country is going to be vaccinated at some point, apart from those that refuse and apart from children,” said Mr Brown, adding people with rare illnesses who have been effectively shielding will also be covered in the first round of vaccinations. 

“It’s just a question of whether it’s going to happen in January, February, March or April,” he said.