Girl, 10, dies after Covid travel restrictions rob her of treatment in US – The Telegraph

A ten-year-old girl has died after the pandemic meant she was unable to travel to the US for medical trials. Eva Williams had been due to fly to New York City in April last year but travel restrictions were put in place.

Her family successfully raised over £300,000 in the hope of getting Eva private treatment, but they have announced that she had passed away on Friday.

Eva had been suffering from a rare high-grade diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma brain tumour. She was diagnosed after she complained of dizziness and blurred vision in December 2019 and eventually a scan at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool revealed a mass on her brain.

Eva lived with her parents in Wrexham, North Wales. Her father Paul Slapa, 35, described her as the “most caring and loving” daughter.

He said: “Over the past week, Eva had lost the ability to speak, eat and swallow fluids, and she has suffered more than any child should ever have to suffer. “Watching her still fight each day has been heart-breaking.

“Eva is an inspiration to many, certainly to me, and I cannot begin to imagine how we will go forward from here. “Every single part of us is in pain and I can’t see how that can change.”

Boris Johnson said the government would “look at everything we can do to support her travel arrangements” after Wreham MP Sarah Atherton brought the case up during Prime Minister’s Questions in July.

However her father and mother Carran Williams say her cancer had progressed too far in the summer to be accepted for treatment on the trial.

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