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Virus variants will ‘continue to happen’

Professor Adam Finn from the Joint Committee on Vaccinaiton tells Sky News that the COVID virus varies and “that is going to continue to happen”.

He said we have to “anticipate there will be further variation” and vaccines will have to be altered suitably.

Prof Finn Finn said the decision to delay the time period between first and second vaccine doses is “a strategic judgment”.

He continued: “This is not normal times, and what we have to do is extrapolate from the data we’ve got based on the knowledge that we have of many other vaccines and the human immune response and make a strategic judgment.

“Because the truth is that if you take a vaccine dose that you’re otherwise saving to give to somebody as a second booster dose and put it into the arm of someone who’s not immunised at all, you will start to induce protection in that second person. And with this rapidly rising epidemic at the moment, that is the imperative need.”

Asked about people sticking to the rules in this lockdown, he said it appears some might not be being as careful as they can to socially distance.

He said: “My personal impression is that people are perhaps not being so careful as they might be to keep well apart at the moment which is a very imperative need.

“But on the other hand, this latest lockdown has only just started so the impact of the lockdown would be expected to be seen in another week’s time.”