Covid: How many people have been vaccinated in the South West – Bournemouth Echo

THE South West region has administered more than 280,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses – although it is some way behind over parts of England. Weekly vaccination data updates, released on a regional level for the first time today, showed a total of 285,332 first and second doses had been given across Dorset and the rest of the South West.

NHS figures, which cover the period from December 8, 2020, to January 10 showed that this comprised of 235,108 first doses and 50,224 second doses.

Of these first doses, 54 per cent (126,896) had been given to patients aged over 80. For second doses, 81 per cent (40,569) had been given to people aged over 80.

Across England, 2,371,407 doses had been given out in the period up to January 10.

The South West has administrated more coronavirus vaccinations than the East of England and London but trailed the Midlands, North East and Yorkshire, South East and North West regions.

As reported, more than 25 per cent of University Hospitals Dorset staff have been vaccinated.

Jabs are now being given at Royal Bournemouth Hospital and Poole Hospital, as well as a number of sites across the county, including GP surgeries.

Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) is due to open as a regional mass vaccination centre within weeks.

Here’s how many people have been vaccinated across England (1st and 2nd doses):

  1. Midlands – 447,329 (population 10,769,965)
  2. North East and Yorkshire – 433,045 (population 7,370,657)
  3. South East – 411,257 (population 9,180,135)
  4. North West – 318,445 (population 7,341,196)
  5. South West – 285,332 (population 5,624,696)
  6. London – 237,524 (population 8,961,989)
  7. East of England – 236,023 (population 6,236,072)
  8. Other – 2,452