Opinion: Clarity is needed on the use of vitamin D to fight coronavirus – The Independent


nown as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is important in keeping our bones and muscles healthy. Most of us are able to get sufficient vitamin D from natural sunlight, even in winter, but clearly this has proved to be challenging due to the restrictions applied in attempts to reduce the spread of the virus

Vitamin D matters as research shows that up to 80 per cent of people admitted to hospital with Covid-19 are deficient in this vitamin, which compares to a rate of 25 per cent in the population as a whole. A new study suggests that migration over the past 500 years has contributed to population-level deficiency at this scale.

There is increasing concern this isn’t been treated seriously or given the priority it should by governments. A recent open letter signed by medics and researchers urged government ministers to increase vitamin D levels in those with deficiencies in the wider population, estimated to be as high as one in four people.  

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