Police boss warns East Lancashire thrill-seekers of fines – Lancashire Telegraph

THRILL-seekers have been warned they will face a fine if they travel unnecessarily to go sledging, as more snow is set to arrive across the county.

One of Lancashire’s top police bosses has said officers will not be afraid to question people they see out and about, and issue tickets to those found ‘pushing their luck’.

The warning comes as yet more snow looks set to fall with a weather warning in place this weekend for Blackburn, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle, Rossendale and the Ribble Valley.

Speaking about what you can and cannot do under current regulations, Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods said: “There is the law and then there is guidance and there are probably too many people focusing on ‘what can I get away with’ rather than what is the right thing to do.

“The right thing to do is stay at home as much as possible. The second one is if you leave your house, apart from work, stay as local as you can.

“If you have snow on a hill within walking distance or a short distance stick to that. If you go beyond that and I or my staff speak to you, you’ll have to justify why it is necessary that you can’t sledge on the hill next to your house.

“We will ask those questions and if it is clear you’re pushing your luck you will get a ticket,” he told BBC Radio Lancashire.

Over the weekend officers in Burnley were forced to issue a separate warning after anti-social sledgers wreaked havoc on a golf course.

Among other issues they were said to have broken down walls, set fires, destroyed bunkers and driven onto the fairways as families played in the snow.

On the topic of roadblocks, Mr Woods said he had ‘strong views’ that the use of such measures won’t be necessary, in part thanks to the work of the public in letting the police know about rule-breakers.

He said: “We are getting called to hundreds of incidents a day and the public have been brilliant in letting us know what is going on, so we are focusing on those people who have been reported on because they tend to be the ones who are habitually breaking the law.

“That is why when you look at tickets we have issued some of the highest numbers in the country because the public have let us know what is going on.

“We are that busy focusing in on those who are most at fault that we just don’t need to do roadblocks.”