Kate Garraway clashes with Dominic Raab over hotel quarantine ‘fiasco’ in tense interview

Kate Garraway locked horns with Dominic Raab over the newly introduced hotel quarantine for people arriving back into the UK, with him branding her ‘cynical’ and accusing her of not letting him answer.

The Foreign Secretary appeared on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain and began his chat with Kate and her presenting colleague Ben Shephard by talking about his desire for ceasefires in war torn countries so vulnerable people can be vaccinated against coronavirus.

But, after asking how he hoped that could happen, Kate then rapidly changed the subject and told him: “I wonder if people might be surprised that that’s what you want to talk about this morning, something that involves a global situation when something else that comes under your purview is being seen as an absolute shambles.”

Referring to the rule which now forces Brits who arrive in England after being in a high-risk Covid country having to self-isolate in hotels at their own expense, she added: “I’m talking about the situation with quarantining.

“Over the last couple of days we’ve heard. – and these are anecdotal, so if you can clear it up that might be helpful – that some people in charge of the security of the hotels were only given the rules three hours before; we’ve heard of people going to different airports to try and get out of it; we’ve had a member of our own staff who just met somebody who just came back from Dubai and actually got onto public transport, didn’t know anything about the quarantine, hadn’t declared it.

“Who is checking that this very expensive hotel quarantine that some people have to pay for, who is checking that the right people are doing it?”

Replying, Mr Raab said: “First of Kate, I think the timing of this, it’s rather cynical what you suggested, I don’t think that’s fair at all,” to which she responded: “Hang on, I wasn’t saying anything cynical.

“We were told you wanted to talk about that this morning and it’s an important thing to talk about. But I’m just thinking everyone watching you kick off with that will think ‘why’s he talking about that when we’ve got this chaos at home?!’

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