The upshot of deaths falling relatively faster among over 80s is that the share of that age group in daily death totals is now at its lowest point since November, following a decline beginning in February.

Over 80s were among the first groups to be offered a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and as of Feb 7, over nine in 10 had received their initial jab in England.

Glimmers of the vaccine effect are also visible in infection data, where a gap is emerging between over and under 80s.

When cases are plotted relative to their value on Jan 25 – three weeks after mass vaccinations began – a faster fall in infections among over 80s becomes clearly visible, echoing previous evidence that jabs reduce transmission.

Unearthing the impact of vaccinations in the UK is high on the Government’s agenda this week as it charts a path out of lockdown measures, but crucially ministers will have better data at their disposal than compared with what is publicly available right now.



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