Oh sure, the police are supposed to crack down on such illegal meetings but, unless they find wild massive gatherings, I’m sure they’ll admit privately that there’s tougher ‘crime’ that’s more deserving of their attention.

There’s certainly quite a bit of anecdotal evidence to suggest that individual cops are often embarrassed when confronted by small, but still illegal, infractions. 

The official line that ‘data is more important than dates’ would be all very well but for the fact that data can be – and often is – interpreted by politicians and their advisors so suit their own agendas.

For instance Edinburgh was kept in the highest level of restriction before Christmas not because its rate of infection was too high; it wasn’t, but politicians said it was a mecca for shoppers and they didn’t want too many people visiting.   

And some of their rules just seem perverse. Infant classes resume on Monday but mothers are warned not to socialise or mingle at the school gates. And while children will mix in class, they mustn’t have ‘play dates’ in each other’s homes.  

In the real world it’s the lightning-fast spread of vaccines that should be, but isn’t, helping to quickly ease lockdown. All we need is for politicians like Nicola Sturgeon to accept that fact.



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