Gloucestershire – one of the fastest areas in England – has already administered first doses to 97 per cent of its 100,525 over 70s and 18 per cent of the 360,845 under 70s as of Feb 14, NHS England data shows. 

Keeping up its most recent pace of 37,261 doses a week would see the county reach 170,333 first doses for under 70s by Mar 7 – equivalent to its entire 50 to 69 population.

Devon, North Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Suffolk, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and West Yorkshire had, as of Feb 14, all vaccinated at least 94 per cent of their over 70s and 14 per cent of under 70s.

However, uneven progress across England may hold back an accelerated lockdown exit as the Prime Minister has indicated the Government will take a national approach to the easing of restrictions.

Based on their Feb 14 rates, partnerships including those covering Cambridgeshire, West Birmingham, Derbyshire and Essex will give out enough first doses for over 50s by the week ending Mar21, while the East London health and care partnership will not reach this point until the first week of April.

In that part of the capital only 80 per cent of over 70s and 10 per cent of under 70s have received a first dose as of Feb 14 – some of the lowest shares in England.

A lack of granular data at a local level prevents precise assessment of when areas will have fully completed the top nine priority groups, and some partnerships may face a bigger backlog of doses than the official statistics suggest.  

NHS England does not publish local healthcare partnership totals for the number of care home staff, health and social care workers and the clinically extremely vulnerable, and the true scale of those in these groups still awaiting a first dose in some areas is unknown.



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