Sir Keir Starmer said he will be looking for a cautious approach from Boris Johnson when he sets out his road map on Monday.

“I want the Prime Minister to learn the lessons of the last two lockdowns,” the Labour leader told LBC.

“I think he came out too quickly, without caution, and that caused problems because we went back into lockdown.

“Everybody – and I think the Prime Minister is in this place now – wants this to be the last lockdown. So come out cautiously, carefully – that’s the language he is using, so I’m looking for that this afternoon.

“That will inevitably mean restrictions for a bit longer so businesses desperately need a bit more support – business rate relief, VAT for hospitality – because they are going to struggle for another few months.”

Sir Keir also urged the Government to extend the eligibility criteria for financial support for those told to self-isolate, as he said people on low incomes are faced with a “really difficult choice” because they “want to do the right thing, but they can’t afford it”.

Here is Keir Starmer on LBC this morning:



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