Ms Teixeira laughed as she remembered how her father talked to her about concrete pipes to help calm her wedding-day jitters.

She also recalled the awful day Sir Tom lost his wife – the same day he had taken his grandson to a military museum to see the type of tank he had served in during the war.

“We often talked about milestones in your life and laughed about the possibility of you reaching your 100th birthday,” she said.

“You said ‘it’s just a number, I don’t feel any different’ and right to the end you ignored the number and kept on going, urging us all to keep on going with the mantra ‘tomorrow will be a good day'”.

She added: “You have always influenced me with your strength, your energy, your drive, to get out of bed with a spring in your step and a purpose in mind.

“I know you will be watching us chuckling, saying ‘don’t be too sad as something has to get you in the end’.

“Daddy, I am so proud of you, what you achieved your whole life and especially in the last year, you may be gone, but your message and your spirit lives on.”

Patrick Sawer reports.



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