Covid cases are plummeting in all age groups, official figures show, with separate data suggesting rates are at levels not seen since July. 

The latest Public Health England (PHE) figures show rates falling across the board, while the most recent findings from King’s College’s ZOE Covid symptom study show a 54 per cent drop in a week. 

PHE figures for the week ending last Sunday reveal that rates have halved among children and fallen by more than a third in all other groups. 

The ZOE symptom study found the current daily average of symptomatic infections is 1,924, down 98 per cent from a peak of 69,000 at the start of January. One in every 1,394 Britons currently has the virus, the study estimates, with a national ‘R’ rate of 0.7.

“Admissions and deaths are also continuing to decline, putting the UK in a similar place to July last year,” said Prof Tim Spector, the lead scientist behind the study app.

“These figures are among the lowest in Europe. It’s unlikely that cases will continue to fall at this pace, but with the vaccinations programme and the weather improving, it’s likely they will remain low.”



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