An expert has issued a warning over the latest new coronavirus symptom people need to be watching out for.

And apparently it is all to do with your nails.

People who have a “clear line” growing out of their nail may show they have had the bug before.

Tim Spector wrote: “Do your nails look odd? COVID nails are increasingly being recognised as the nails recover after infection and the growth recovers leaving a clear line. Can occur without skin rashes and appears harmless.”

Prof Tim Spector, who leads the Zoe Symptom Study app, posted an image on Twitter.

One Twitter user replied: “Do you get these after having flu too? I had (for the first time) flu in early December 2019 and noticed these lines weeks/months until the nail grew out and I wondered if there was a link.”

A second added: “The same thing occurred to me, critical illness and Septic Shock in 2018-2019. Both hair and nails cleared up as I became well, started to gain my weight back, went through intense rehab, and became healthy. Illness takes a toll on all parts of the body. The body is amazing.”

A third wrote: “Nails and hair are a reflection of the bodies health. Stress as well as various illnesses can show in the nails so not just a sign you’ve had covid.”

Prof Spector wrote on Twitter in January: “One in five people with Covid still present with less common symptoms that don’t get on the official PHE [Public Health England] list.”



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