Watch: Luna The Trail Dog is Probably The World’s Happiest Dog

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When it’s time to hit the trails, having a partner to ride with is a good idea. It’s not only safer in the case of a nasty yard sale, but it’s always more fun to share the stoke with a friend. But if another human isn’t around, a four-legged trail buddy is the next best thing.

Meet Luna, a trail dog that shreds trails harder and faster than most grown adults. She hits the jumps, corners like a champ and sprints with pure speed. Check out this edit of Luna chasing her owner down a narrow singletrack––tongue hanging out the whole way.



The 5 Best Helmets To Get For The Active Man On The Go

Every man that leads an active life shares one thing. They need to have a helmet in their life. That way you can go out and worry less about getting into an accident that can cause a head injury. As the workout industry is bigger than ever, there are a ton of choices for strong helmets to choose from.

To help you guys make a purchase quicker than normal, we have picked 5 amazing Helmets for you to pick from below.

When it comes to the best overall helmet, we felt like you would have a hard time finding one better than this one from TeamObsidian. For one, the most obvious element of a helmet is how strong/durable it is. And this helmet is really strong, giving you a ton of protection on your rides outside. For another, the price is really good too. You can find a lot of really strong helmets out there that costs a whole lot more than this one. Also, it’s just really comfortable. It’s lightweight and very breathable, so there won’t be any difficulty at all with this helmet on your head. There’s a reason this has such a high customer review rating on Amazon. People who buy it love what it does.

When it comes to protecting yourself from injury, you don’t want to skimp. If something isn’t strong and durable enough, you shouldn’t get it. Even if you’re on a budget, this is one area where you might want to spend some money. But, there are helmets that don’t cost too much and still do a great job protecting your neck. And this one from OutdoorMaster is a very affordable helmet that also really does a good job protecting on your trips outdoors. It’s pretty comfortable, adjusting to the head of whoever needs to wear it. So if you aren’t looking to spend a bunch of money on a brand new helmet, this is the one for you.

Protection doesn’t jump come in the form of protecting your head from a drop. If you are the kind that likes to go out to exercise at night, you need to worry about people being unable to see you. If they can’t see you, you might be in for a big heaping of trouble. Now, you won’t have to worry about visibility while also protecting yourself from a fall is this fantastic helmet from Smart4u. It’s very strong and durable, fitting comfortably on your head. But most importantly, it sends out light to those around you. It’s like having taillights on the back of your head. So for those of you that want to go for rides at night, you might want to pick this one up quickly.

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can actually get yourself a lightweight helmet that will deliver a ton of protection to your life outdoors. It doesn’t need to weigh on your head. And this helmet from OUWOR is a great example of that. In our opinion, it is the best example of that. It straps onto your head pretty easily, adjusting to your needs so you can be comfortable the whole time out there. And since it is lightweight, you’ll barely feel like it’s there. That way you don’t have to exert even a minuscule amount of extra energy when you’re working out. All you need to do is focus on the task at hand and enjoy the ride.

If you got out for a ride on your bike and you need to get off the bike and head inside a store, you will chain up the bike outside. You’ll also want to keep the helmet with the bike so you don’t need to lug the thing around with you. That leaves it pretty open to being stolen though. Yet that isn’t the case when you get this helmet from Thousand. It is designed in such a way so it can’t be lifted off your bike with ease. And to make it all worthwhile, this helmet is really strong and durable so you can enjoy a ride outside without worrying too much about cracking your head on a fall. It’ll add a lot of protection to your head and on your bike. That’s a pretty good helmet in our eyes.


Pabst Brings New York City’s Schaefer Lager Back to Life

I live a few blocks from the baseball-playing ghosts of Sandy Koufax, Gil Hodges, and Jackie Robinson, legendary members of the dearly departed Brooklyn Dodgers. The major league baseball team played at Ebbets Field from 1913 until 1957, when the team went west to become the Los Angeles Dodgers, now playing for another World Series title.

The 27 Best Beers You Can Actually Buy at Your Local Grocery Store

Developers destroyed Ebbets Field in 1960 to build a sprawling apartment complex, no trace of the ballpark left, a sign warning people that no ballplaying is allowed. I often visit the adjoining Jackie Robinson Playground with my daughter, Violet, who clambers across the equipment that’s painted a rich Dodger blue.

Schaefer Lager
Courtesy image

She swings across the monkey bars while I sit on a bench, maybe writing, sometimes drinking beer. Call it tradition. Decades back, Dodgers fans likely parked themselves in the same place, rooting for the home team while drinking Schaefer lager.

The F.&M. Schaefer Brewing Co. opened in New York City in 1842, producing brisk-drinking, cold-aged lagers that fast found a following. The brewery expanded in Manhattan before selling its valuable real estate and opening in Brooklyn in 1916. The brewery survived Prohibition by brewing near beer, as well as dyes and ice, emerging strong and selling 1 million barrels of beer by 1938.

Schaefer ran a big ad on the Ebbets Field scoreboard, and letters “h” or “e” lit up if a batted ball resulted in a hit or error. In the 1950s, Schaefer became the country’s fifth-biggest brewery, and it expanded capacity by opening breweries in Albany; Baltimore; and near Allentown, PA. It shuttered its Brooklyn plant in 1976, and Stroh Brewery bought the company in 1981. Pabst Brewing gobbled the brand in 1999, and Schaefer has since limped along like some sort of lager zombie, not quite alive, not quite dead.

Schaefer Lager
Courtesy image

Just in time for Halloween, Pabst Brewing is bringing Schaefer back to life in New York City. Like any reboot, this one looks different. Instead of opening a brick-and-mortar operation in the five boroughs, Pabst outsourced Schaefer production to family owned F.X. Matt Brewing, in Utica. That’s nearly 250 miles northwest of New York City.

It’s a fresh start, which is good because my memories of drinking Schaefer during my 20s are fuzzy. The lager was sold cheap, canned, and cold, typically paired with a slug of bottom-shelf bourbon at some downtown dive. To me, Schaefer was “the one to have when you’re having more than one,” as the old slogan goes, mainly because cans ran around $2.

That Schaefer is gone, including its 4.6 percent ABV and dad-beer branding. The new logo is clean and retro, the brewery’s name styled in slanting curvaceous script that would look grand in neon. Pabst also reformulated the recipe and lowered the ABV to 3.8 percent, a move I’m not mad at.

As I often tell folks, getting drunk is easy. Maintaining while drinking is the real skill.

But the reborn Schaefer drinks somewhat thin, verging on watery, with an enduring bitterness that needs more balancing sweetness. The flavor should matter as much as the backstory and branding. Overall, the revived lager is ideal for brainless drinking while grilling, streaming Netflix, or watching some distant Dodgers play baseball.



This 12-Minute POV Video of Surfing and Hiking in Hawaii is Mesmerizing

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Mason Ho does not live a lame life. The 32-year-old is constantly scoring pumping surf––whether that be a wave park in Texas or a local North Shore reef. He’ll ride just about anything with a fin and documents countless rides for the rest of us to gawk at.

Ho recently used a GoPro Hero 9 to shoot a 12-minute POV video of him hunting barrels at a local reef break and strolling through the beautiful Waimea Valley. It’s basically a typical day in the life of Mason Ho, and he’s clearly been enjoying some mighty fine days.

Bobo Gallagher Hawaii to Maui Crossing wing foil board ocean


Driving the Insanely Maxed Out Mini GP

The new Mini GP, which will only be sold for one year, is already hard enough to pin down—should you be lucky enough to get your hands on one through a dealer right now. It’s harder to label, written up elsewhere as, in no shot order: insane, impractical, overpriced, and too hairball. Those critics are dead wrong.

Let’s take these statistically driven (and clearly not passion-driven) arguments on one at a time.

First, however, a little background: This is the third-generation Mini GP. Each version has been a works Mini for the road. It’s not a package. It’s not some scraps of “special” leather trim and some faux carbon-fiber sill plates and a CPU flash for five more horsepower. It’s a bespoke, numbers-limited car that, likely, you’ll own and the only other GP you’ll ever see will be at a Mini meet-up five states away.

Mini GP spolier

Prior generations, in both 2006 and 2013, were maxed at 2,000 cars worldwide. That’s expanded to 3,000 cars worldwide for the 2021 GP, but still, we’re talking about only a fistful for North America. This third-generation GP is the most powerful, and not by just a little bit. The 2013 car produced 211 hp. The 2021 gets essentially the same engine that’s in BMW’s M235i Gran Coupe, delivering 301 hp and at times nearly untamable 331 lb-ft of torque.

As for what’s wrong with it, and why that doesn’t matter, here’s our take.

Lucid Air

Argument No. 1: The Mini GP is Too Dang Expensive

It certainly is. Base price is $45,570. A nearly-as-fast Honda Civic Type R is way cheaper, at $37,950. That car has front-wheel drive, like the Mini GP, and both are limited as a result. The Honda’s 306 hp, and 0-60 times (about 5 seconds flat) as well as other performance aspects are similar, too (more on that in the next section).

Arguably the “best” hot hatch of the segment is the $41,290 VW Golf R, simply because all-wheel-drive makes it a lot easier to drive, and, as a result, it shoots to 60 mph a half-second quicker, since it can put all its power down more readily (although it comes with a bit less grunt at 288 hp). The same thing happens darting out of corners—where you want the muscle on the road, not ripping through the front-wheel-driven tires of both the Mini and, to a lesser extent thanks to really good engineering, of the Honda.

Another key distinction is that both the Honda and the VW get adaptive suspensions, allowing them to feel softer around town, and only rock-rigid when you want that, for the track. Also, the Honda comes with a row-your-own manual six-speed gearbox. You can have either a DSG twin-clutch automatic in the VW, or a manual. The Mini only comes with an eight-speed automatic.

So the Mini costs more and has less tech. Why doesn’t that matter? Keep reading.

Mini GP Media Track Program in Monticello, NY

Argument No. 2: The Mini GP is Too Hairball.

Here’s the facts: This Mini drives angry. It brawls like an Englishman who’s had six pints and has just seen his team lose at football (the other football, that is).

We got to test the Mini GP at New York’s Monticello Motor Club, a private, members-only track in the Catskills. It’s an undulating, serpentine, 20-corner beast where you’re bound to be wrong more than once with every lap, and where a front-wheel-drive torque monster like the Mini GP can get a little terrifying. Sure, the GP’s track was widened versus the stock Hardtop. It sits on unique springs and dampers, and gets large anti-roll bars, plus Mini binned the rear seats entirely, putting a cross-chassis bridge that spans the interior of the cabin right about where your chest would be if those seats still existed. Mini bolted up chassis bracing everywhere else the engineers could manage, too.

Nissan Z Proto 2021 coupe debut

Mini GP chassis

Worth note: The 18-inch wheels mounted to GP-specific, 235/35 Hankook tires—and the hey-there, cartoonish, carbon-fiber reinforced plastic fenders with integrated numbering (indicating which car in the series you own). These are functional, designed to vent away heat from the tires and from the massive, and excellent, 14-inch brakes. Mini engineers added a huge roof wing, to increase downforce—and to signal in unapologetically bonkers style that no other Mini on the road has what you have.

mini GP

But none of these necessary measures can fully temper the aforementioned 331 lb-ft of torque, and while the suspension is decidedly super-glued to the ground, and the car sits .4 inches lower than the already squat John Cooper Works edition, it crabs and hops and claws for traction constantly whenever you’re deep in the throttle.

At Monticello, we were always deep in the throttle.

Arguably, the car would be better either with a legitimate manual gearbox (Mini/BMW don’t have one that could handle this output) or dual-clutch automatic, especially on the track, where quick-downshifts were too frequently vetoed by the eight-speed-autobox.

Mini GP engine

As for the suspension, it’s just sadistically stiff. Mini makes other cars for you, however, if that’s how you feel.

I’ll say that they could’ve done more work on downforce. This is a short car. It’s more than two feet shy of the length of the Honda Civic Type R, a hatch that Honda massaged extensively to be sure it would be safe at triple-digit speeds. Above 130 mph on the longest straight at Monticello, the Mini starts to hunt and drift and dance. It gets a little spooky. I didn’t rocket anywhere near its 165 mph top speed, and given how it felt nudging above 130 mph, I don’t want to.

Then again, this is a very light car, weighing just 2,860 pounds, versus 3,100 pounds for the Honda Civic Type R, and a full 500 pounds less than the Golf R. When you’re not sweating for apexes, the GP is positively, hysterically flickable. Lighter cars have that huge benefit and Mini’s taken that playfulness and pushed it to 11/10ths, just because.

The GP is doing the lampshade dance when all the other carmakers are tut-tutting. But who’s having more fun?

2020 Audi RS6 Avant

Mini GP cockpit

Argument No. 3: The Mini GP is Impractical

You sir, win the prize! This one is true. Both the Honda and the Golf R have legitimately useable backseats that flip forward and provide far more cargo capacity, not to mention, neither has a massive red cross-brace where a second row of seats belongs. Mini spokespersons showed us a slide that testified to why they don’t give a rat’s behind. The bulk of their buyers have at least two other cars and a very sizable chunk have three other cars. They have a BMW X5 because it’s practical. Maybe they have an even bigger one to tow their boat. If they’re buying the GP it’s because it’s NOT the same grocery getter everyone else has on their block.

Sure, other “hot hatches” are more pragmatic. But both the Golf R and the Honda Type R skew toward a much younger, much less wealthy demographic. Their hatches need to be practical because they drive their cars daily. The GP isn’t that at all. On purpose. Also, if I didn’t say this already, just about all of the GP’s are spoken for already. So the critics can be right all they want about how a car adds up on paper. Mini’s just going to keep throwing a too-loud, too-raucous party and see who comes. Gosh, I wish more carmakers would try that.

Mini GP


New Program Helps Consumers Plant a Tree With Every Purchase For Only Pennies

If you’re someone who values protecting the environment, but struggles to make a difference on a personal level––we have good news for you.

A new service was just launched, “Plant Your Change,” that will allow Americans to automatically plant a tree every time they buy something––simply by rounding up their purchase to the nearest dollar––and they don’t even have to switch their debit or credit card to sign up. This innovative idea to plant trees with spare change comes from Aspiration, a socially and environmentally conscious financial service founded in 2013 and backed by celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom.

“Buy a cup of coffee, you are planting a tree,” said Aspiration CEO Andrei Cherny. “By just taking a few extra cents and rounding up, it makes positive impact on the environment. And it’s easy because people just set it up and go about their lives.”

Aspiration estimates that the average American would plant enough trees through this program to erase the annual climate impact of two cars on the road. And considering there are an estimated 115 billion card transactions every year in the United States, this has the potential to become one of the largest reforestation programs worldwide. Aspiration has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects for this effort.

The Plant Your Change feature was initially launched to Aspiration debit card holders in mid-April, which has resulted in nearly three million trees being planted. Now Aspiration taking the program to the next level by opening it up to everyone, regardless of whether or not participants are an Aspiration customer.

“This program is for people who feel like they want to make a positive difference in the world,” said Cherny. “They are making an enormous impact with spare change.”

Signing up for the program is easy. Simply head over to, where you can safely and securely connect any existing debit or credit card in your wallet. Once signed up, you can feel good about the fact that every subsequent purchase will be planting a carbon-soaking tree. It’s truly one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact on our environment.

Pete Oswald at Coronet Peak, New Zealand

This program is part of a larger effort by Aspiration to help Americans make a positive impact on the world through both their spending and saving. In addition to investing money into fossil fuel-free companies, the company has created a system called Aspiration Impact Measurement (AIM). This unique feature provides customers with a personalized sustainability score that is based on how their daily spending impacts people and the planet. The goal is to give people the tools and knowledge they need to make financial choices that will impact the world in a positive, sustainable way.

“What you do with your money really matters,” said Cherny. “American consumers spend $2.6 billion every day. That means we have the power to vote with our money on a daily basis, not just once every four years.”



Watch: Pro MTB Rider’s Epic Flow Run at Whistler Bike Park

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

Top-ranked Enduro World Series rider Jesse Melamed is a master of flow. To prove that point, let the video above serve as Exhibit A.

Last week, Melamed laid down a few hot laps during Closing Day at Whistler Bike Park. With a little bit of snow and whole lot of flow, the Whistler-native gave a proper send-off to his hometown bike park’s last day of the 2020 season.

Here’s what Melamed had to say about the ride: “2 weeks off the bike and we were all feeling a bit sketchy! Nothing like some primo dirt and the best jumps in the world to get back to though!”

Bernard Kerr.


We Want Everything From the New Todd Snyder and L.L.Bean Collab

Few in menswear do collaborations better than Todd Snyder. Military-inspired Timex watches, colorful Champion sweats, and funky New Balance sneakers are just a few of the long-term partnerships the designer has become known for. His latest partnership with L.L.Bean, which drops October 30, is his modern riff on outdoor gear based on the brand’s 107-year history based in Maine.

Todd Snyder and LL Bean
Courtesy image

“It’s fun to pull the curtain back, explore the archives, and create something fresh that’s reminiscent of a classic,” says Snyder, an Iowa native. He is often the first to propose a collaboration and this was one of the first ideas he had in 2011 when he started his eponymous brand.

Fall Fashion 2020

“A lot of times, it’s me going after brands I love,” he says. “I spent years trying to get Champion and L.L.Bean to work with me.” Judging from the number of styles included, it looks like both brands are putting their full force behind this long-anticipated line.

Todd Snyder and LL Bean
Courtesy image

The collection contains more than 50 styles, including statement tees, headwear, and outerwear. Standout pieces include fun, kitschy sweaters, chunky shirt jackets, and a pebbled-leather update to L.L.Bean’s iconic duck boots.

Todd Snyder and LL Bean
Courtesy image

Snyder’s inspiration for the line came on a research trip to L.L.Bean’s archives in Freeport, ME., where he found inspiration in a picture of the founder. “I was going back through the archives at Bean and seeing old photos of the founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, in his hunting gear,” he says. “He had this very authentic aesthetic that was both dapper and down to Earth.”

Todd Snyder and LL Bean
Courtesy image
Todd Snyder and LL Bean
Courtesy image
Todd Snyder and LL Bean
Courtesy image

He also spoke with locals on that trip and they eventually helped him come up with the line’s name: “From Away.” In Maine, you’re either a Maine-ah (a native) or you’re “from away” (an out-of-towner). It’s the kind of thoughtful insight that’s also expressed throughout the collaboration.

It’s fun to pull the curtain back, explore the archives, and create something fresh that’s reminiscent of a classic.

As an extension of Snyder’s own aesthetic and impeccable taste, his flagship store in New York’s Madison Square Park also features other brands. Inside, it contains a Moscot eyewear boutique, watches curated by Hodinkee, and a full hair studio featuring Aesop products.

Todd Snyder and LL Bean
Courtesy image

Snyder notes that ultimately the most successful brand relationships are based on trust in his creative interpretation. “They understand that I’m not here to change their brand or create something super out of the box,” he says. “I want to find pieces that I think are special or deserve to be refreshed and add my twist to it.”

Todd Snyder and LL Bean
Courtesy image

Get it


Watch: Top Longboard Surfers Bring Soul To Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

Clips from the Surf Ranch typically follow a familiar formula: a surfer repeatedly mashes the lip before tucking into a pristine machine-groomed tube and finally capping off the ride with a massive aerial. It’s impressive, but predictable. So when the WSL announced they were planning on hosting a longboard contest in Lemoore, our interest was piqued.

After all, the pool could certainly use a bit more soul.

The event was billed as the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic and all of the usual suspects showed up including Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, Justin Quintal and Joel Tudor. Swapping out aerials for noserides, the all-day contest showcased plenty of creative lines from both the men and women. Once the sun went down, the competition really heated up with the final rounds being held under the lights. Ultimately, Justin Quintal and Soleil Errico wound up taking the top spots at the inaugural event.

Check out all of the action at the video above.


How to Start to THRIVE

How to Start to THRIVE

How to Start to THRIVE

Hey you in your 40s and 50s and beyond. SAVE this post to remind yourself that You are not TOO OLD and it is not TOO LATE. Your time has not past in fact it’s just beginning!

The second 1/2 of your life can be more passion filled, confident and abundant, financially rewarding, and more FUN than the first 1/2…

You can be HOT again, and you can be excited about your life.

What needs to shift for you?
Three things:

  • 1. DECIDING that you are ready to take this on.
  • 2. CLARITY on what it is you actually want so you can focus on going after that.
  • 3. Recognition of those “false assumed truths” you’ve been telling yourself that are keeping you stuck with tour results.

4. And finally, Changing your thoughts and actions, and dropping old patterns. You can be an entirely different person a year from today by changing your thoughts and actions.

I am working some NEW fire content for you that I start filming it all for you this Wednesday!!


Natalie Jill

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